Things to know before relocating to Qatar

It’s not just the skyscrapers and shiny malls of Doha that draw people from the West to work here. With industries in oil, banking, financial services, and technology, there are exciting opportunities for people seeking a challenge. As with any move from your home nation, there are many things to consider before moving into a new country. Given below are a few things you should know before relocating to Qatar:

  1. Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Qatar revolves around two things, the weather and money. More than 50% of the GDP here is the revenue generated from the oil and gas sectors. Compared to its neighbors in the Gulf, Qatar is very modern and offers a wide range of entertainment options as well. Non-Muslims can purchase alcohol, and there are quite a few restaurants that sell it. While temperatures are known to soar during July-August, the winter months are super refreshing. There are adventure activities like dune bashing, fishing excursions and camel racing in the cooler months. Several hotels and resorts are known to have parties featuring international DJs and live acts, from October onwards. Camping in the desert is also a favourite pass-time in the country.

  1. Cost of living

Most expats are drawn to the bankable pay packages offered, and even though the cost of goods and services has increased over the years, it is possible to live comfortably. Rent varies based on the type of property you’re looking at. If you want to bring furniture and appliances from your homeland, your salary might also include a shipping allowance depending on how long your contract is for. Apartments and villas come with furnished or semi-furnished options. Another cost that needs to be researched is the cost of house shifting. Expats who move a lot will find this very useful. International movers Qatar have a lot of options for you to choose from, according to your relocation needs.

  1. Employment opportunities
Things to know before relocating to Qatar

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