Transform Your Customer Service Expertise To Business Growth

Every customer oriented organisation needs to primarily focus on customer service with the major objective being customer satisfaction. Customer service is the key to any successful business.

According to 2015 U.S. Census survey, the classic American will move around 11 times. In a recent research, it has been found that around 83% of homeowners hire relocating companies using referral from a close friend or family member. For a moving company, each satisfied customer yields to more business possibilities, while creating a spectrum of potential customers.

Relocation companies can transform their one-time customers to numerous future moves through brilliant customer service. Below mentioned are few propositions for surpassing expectations from start to end.

Before The Relocation: Take Time to Analyse Each Job & Give It Personal Attention

No homeowner would be glad to hand over the relocation job to an impatient mover. For a mover, it may be just another day at work, but for the customer they need to feel assured that their belongings are in the right hands. The belongings of the customers are precious and they look for movers who understand and respect this fact.

Moving companies must be able to ensure the customers that their belongings are given optimum care. The professionals at the moving companies must be ready to listen to the customers and understand the importance of each item. This will also give the customers a good impression and will help them trust the company with their belongings.

Companies must understand that every customer is different. Some may have specific needs that the company must understand. This is usually noticed while moving household items of the elderly people.

In an article by the American Mover & Storage Association, a professional mover mentioned that – “We dedicate 20 minutes for an average home survey. While with elderly people or couple, we make sure to dedicate one to one and half hour of survey time. This helps us in building a trust in the person’s mind, which is very important. During the survey, we try to identify family heirlooms and also tag them for certain special handling. This helps us in understanding the other family members and engages in a successful move, while keeping everyone happy.”

During The Relocation: Emphasise On Every Level

Allocate A Lead  

During the moving process it is very crucial for a moving company to assign a lead contact on site. This is the person; the customer would approach for any query or concern. The lead along with the team should survey the belongings and know which items require extra care.

Have A Communication Plan

Another important point to remember is to share the contact detail of the driver or officer with the customer for any on-site coordination. Similarly, the driver of the truck should have the contact number of the customer for any query during the transit.

Well-Trained Staff

One of the basic requirements for any relocation company is to have well-trained staff members. Every employee must know the proper procedures of dealing with a customer with minimum complaints and insurance claims.

Be A Resource

Moving is a stressful and tedious task. Be ready to help the customer with their stress. Below mentioned suggestions may help:

– Company must try offering coffee or tea to the customer, as they might have packed their coffee machine and getting it out may not seem very easy

– They may offer sweets or candies to keep the morale high

– They may guide the customer to keep certain things at easy access

These added values help in maintaining a good reputation amongst the customers.

After The Relocation: Request For Referrals & Future Business

This is the final step of the entire relocation process. This is where an international moving company needs to make sure if the customer is well settled in the relocated destination and is satisfied with the services. The company must make sure to resolve any issue if it arises. Walking away from an unhappy customer is never a good idea.

For a successful job, the Lead should take time out to thank the customer and let them know that it was great serving with them. This is time they should let the customer know that they would appreciate if the customer refers them to friends and family.  Leaving a business card is very important!

Thank You Notes

Companies may send a handwritten thank you note to the customer, few days after the move.

Follow Up Emails

It is advisable for moving companies to request for Referrals and General Feedback from the previous customers.

The emails should include:

– Helpful links &other review sites

– Links to company’s social media pages

– Request for a quote that the company can use on their website

Customer Support Is A Strategic Benefit

An excellent customer service is a game changer! For relocation companies striving to expand their business and their reach, it is very important to emphasis on customer satisfaction. This is, therefore, a strategy that pays off.

Transform Your Customer Service Expertise To Business Growth

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