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Movguru is an online services platform which provides industry-leading essential services to homes and businesses every day in Qatar and UAE countries. We connect millions of customers globally with professional service providers, giving them - a faster, easier, revolutionary way to book and buy local services online which include Relocation, Cleaning, Pest Control, Storage etc.
  • We provide multiple services under one umbrella
  • We know the nerve of the market and can provide you the best services available in the local market
  • We give you the full flexibility of choosing the Service Provider and make your own decisions
  • We help you in every aspect of moving
  • Our Partners are professionals, certified fully compliant companies which are specialised in their respective fields.
  • Our services are free of cost with no hidden charges
  • We maintain the full privacy of your data
  • We are a bunch of passionate committed team aiming to transform the industry with a personal touch.
Movguru is a one stop destination which can provide you the services from the most specialised Service Providing Companies in the local market at just a click of a button. It gives you market information and provide you different quotes from different Service Providers so you can compare and review at one go and take your decision without any cost. We hold a very strong Service Provider Network which includes certified specialised professional companies.
Movguru is established with an aim to make life simpler while helping people to get the required services from the best Service Providers in the local market. Our services are absolutely free of cost with no hidden charges.
You only need to fill in the information in the site or call us or send an e-mail. Our team will contact you to understand the exact requirement based on which we will ask the Partner Companies to give you the quote. You may opt for the number of quotes you want before finalising the deal. Please note that there is no charge involved in this.
All you need to do is to fill the form available online and Customer Services Executive would be in touch with you to understand your requirement in detail. Then we can connect you with Four to Five most professional Service Providers in that country for your secured move. We also provide rate comparison services as a value added services with no fee at all.
When you approach us, your concerns are taken care of as we extend our experience in this industry to your benefit. Our understanding/knowledge of your requirement and the skills/ability of various Service Providers are put into use so that nobody should take you for a ride.
Based on the quotes you received, you may take decision whom you want to engage. You may pay them directly as per the agreement. Whoever you may finalise – rest assured, the quality of the service will be supreme. In case you are not able to decide, we can provide you rate comparison services as a value added service at no additional fee. All you need to is to provide us with all the quotes received by you and we will have our experts evaluate each quote and identify the fine prints, if any, and make an apple to apple comparison and share the tabulation with the inferences so that you don’t have to get a surprise at a later date. This can help you to make a well informed decision. We are committed to make your move seamless.
When the task is handled by professionals, such question does not arise. However, in the eventuality any grievance comes up, the matter will be resolved amicably with the Service Providers.
Rest assured – we will be directing only that much of quotes/Companies which you confirm with us. If you are asking only for one Company – only one company will contact you. Only after getting your approval we will be directing another Company to you.
Our Partners are well equipped with best of the teams and the tools/packing supplies required. Their vast experience in handling such most delicate items will ensure the utmost care in moving the items safely. In any how you can also go for the fully insured move in such cases.
No problem. Our representative will make a site visit at your convenience to assess the volume and type of packing needed based on which quote can be provided.
Ofcourse – you can. There is no special rate for that. However, you need to give sufficient time for us to arrange the service.
IF you require the skilled force services for dismantling or un-installing, you need to inform during the site visit. These things can be arranged accordingly. You don’t have to worry or run around to find someone separately to do these jobs. You may please relax and let the professionals take up the task.
Movguru provides services ranging from Normal cleaning to Deep cleaning, Residential cleaning to Commercial cleaning, One time cleaning services to Contractual cleaning services, Sofa/Carpet cleaning to Façade cleaning, Post construction cleaning to Maid services, Pest control services to A/C Maintenance services, MEP Services, etc.
We have storage facility for such situation where your items will be kept stored in proper packed condition. Once you are back and decide new location, the same can be shifted to that place without any hassle.
When our team does the site visit, they take note of everything and accordingly they give you the quotation. If something is not possible the same will be clarified there and then as there are different norms and rules for transporting your vehicle from one country to another.
Don’t worry. Our Customer Care Representative would understand your requirement and accordingly suggest. They can also arrange for a site visit for better understanding and then can suggest the best possible way.
You may call up on the number mentioned in the site and communicate your requirement and the revised schedule. If there is a possibility to make the arrangement, we will definitely accommodate the same.
No – we are not charging for any cancellation. However, it is requested to notify any change/cancellation atleast 24 hours prior to the scheduled date so that we can utilise the staff somewhere else.
Yes – on weekly off normally there won’t be any service available. In case you are interested to have the service on a Holiday, the rate will be different which can be provided on request.
Yes – you can. An agreement can be signed for that matter.
We provide specialised water tank cleaning services. As water is very precious resource, we don’t suggest you to waste the water. Instead we would suggest you to use the water and once it reaches the level which is good enough for the team to clean the tank, the cleaning services is suggested. In this case, we can pre-fix the date of cleaning according to your usage of water.
You can fill up the form available at our site or call us at +974 50302424 or drop us a mail at info@movguru.com and we will revert.

If you have more questions – please call up at +974 50302424 or write to us info@movguru.com

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