This privacy policy applies to only. We at are dedicated to guarding the privacy of our customers and partners and take great honour in the degree of safekeeping applied to all the information collected on our website. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use the personal details that our customers and clients provide us through our website.

1. Personal Information

While browsing our website, you will not be asked to disclose any personal information. However, if you decide to take the services that we provide, we may ask certain information from you. This helps us in identifying you and your authenticity. We would require information that requires your name, e-mail address, phone number, description of the property, physical address, etc. This information will enable us to follow up on your request while strictly adhering to the Privacy and Security Policy. We aggregate all information, process it and store it. We also pass certain the required information to the companies affiliated with us.

We would like to ensure you that Movguru will not sell, trade, exchange or disclose the customers’ personal information to outside parties. This does not include our trusted third parties who assist us in conducting our business or servicing you. However, we make sure your information is not compromised.

We collect your information in order to provide you with the exact services that you look for. We may also use the information to enhance our presentation and services and to promote our website and also to inform you about the changes and add new information. If you send us your information by e-mail, we assure to use the information only for our purpose, while honouringyour privacy. We might also use the information to communicate or send promotional materials to you.At Movguru, only a group of specially designated professionals have the access to the information that you send. We maintain strict security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

Using our website, you agree to all the all personal information gathered by Movguru or its affiliates in Qatar or any country in which we function. Though different countries have different security measures, we at Movguru assure that the transferred information is protected and secured from any kind of fraudulent activity. We use the information only when required and delete when the purpose is met with.

We disclose our customers’ personal information to local or federal authority if compelled by law enforcement or governmental authority. Therefore, if you intend of abusing the content of Movguru’s website with unlawful activity, we hold the right to report to the appropriate companies or organizations with your details.

2. Cookies

Cookies are fractions of data from a website stored on the user’s computer by web browser while browsing. These cookies allow us to be more efficient and fast. This helps us to understand what information is mostly required by our customers. This is entirely on you to decide if you want your browser to accept all the cookies of alert you when a new cookie enters your computer.

While browsing our website, cookies may enter your computer’s hard drive. However, Movguru ensures that these cookies do not process confidential data. As you enter our website, some information may automatically exchange between your computer and our host server. You need to understand that the cookies are important to meet technological requirements of web browsing. As you enter our or any other website, the following information is exchanged between your computer and the server hosting our site:

- Your Internet domain name & IP address

- Type of browser & operating system used

- Date & time of access

- Pages that you visit

Movguru keeps all the information private. These include number of visitors, popular pages, technology, referral sites and the country of origin of the visitors. This enables us in collecting important feedback for reporting statistics.

3. Marketing & Publicity

We may use your contact information to send our promotions via e-mail or other methods if required. We may also use your information for surveys in order to improve the website, but you can decide if you want to participate or not.

4.Third-Party Links

We may include or offer third-party products or services on our website. You need to understand that these third party sites are separate and have their independent privacy policies. We do not hold responsibility or liability of their content. However, for any fraudulent activity, you may feel free to raise your complaint with us and we would look into the matter.

5. Website Security

Movguru assures to keep your information confidential. We store and keep safe all the information that we receive from our customers. We store the information in our firewall and password-protected servers which are accessible to only authorized professionals. However, in order to minimize risk, it is advisable for you to use updated antivirus software and strong passwords.

7. Changes InPrivacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change without notification. We suggest you read the policies before any transaction in order to have the updated Privacy Policy.

8. Contact us

If you have any query or concern regarding Movguru policy, please contact our customer service department at +97450302424 or email us at