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AC/Duct Cleaning Services
AC/Duct Cleaning Services

AC Duct Cleaning

At Movguru, we emphasize on the importance of regular AC cleaning. In Qatar, people spend almost 100% of their time indoors. This then puts a large amount of need and pressure on our Air Conditioning systems (HVAC).
The desert landscape of Qatar makes the region very susceptible to sand and dust storms. This is a big issue for your AC system. The dust and sand can get stuck in some parts of your AC and choke them up. Circulation of air through a dirty AC can trigger many allergies and may even cause asthma. So AC duct cleaning and maintenance is very important to breathe clean air.

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Usually, when a building is constructed and commissioned, the HVAC systems of our buildings are never cleaned. Upon inspection of a never cleaned before AC system we commonly find construction debris and building materials, dirt and dust as well as other foreign objects. Therefore we not only suggest regular cleaning, but also provide free inspection for Air Conditioning cleaning services in Qatar

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Whether commercial or residential, we provide AC cleaning services which will be undertaken as per Government standards. Once your project is completed you will be given a comprehensive project report detailing how the project was undertaken, the previous condition of the duct work and system components as well as the newly cleaned condition. Our cleaning process is best suited to office buildings, schools, nursing homes and hospitals, in addition to other industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.

There is no doubt that the air conditioning system plays an integral part in our lives and thus it is critical to ascertain that its providing good indoor air quality as well as indoor comfort. To ensure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy, AC systems should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. This includes all of the AC system components – not just the filter.

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