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Commercial Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaning Services

Why is Water Tank Cleaning important?

Most of us do not take the trouble of getting our water tanks cleaned periodically but this casualness can prove fatal. Even if we use filtered water for drinking or cooking purpose, there are many places where we use unfiltered water such as bathing, washing dishes and clothes, brushing our teeth, washing fruits and vegetables etc. and hence we do consume it in some form or the other.

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These days, water is stored in underground and overhead water tanks. Although these areas remain covered, foreign objects, pests, and other organisms such as algae and bacteria can still find their way into these tanks if not maintained properly. It may result in the formation of typhoid, typhus, dysentery, cholera and diseases such as hepatitis in our body. Additionally, the sand and rust particles in water tanks damage our purifier, laundry and dishwashing machines. In the water tanks that are not periodically cleaned, rodents, dead pests, worms, maggots, and plates of mud, rust and fungi form.

The only way to avoid this is to disinfestation and cleaning of the water tanks with special chemicals and high pressure machines produced for tanks periodically at least once a year by the trained professionals.

Movguru provide best water tank cleaning services in Qatar and our tank cleaning teams are some of the most experienced in the region and routinely clean water tanks in hundreds of homes each week.

Movguru’s Water Tank Cleaning Service includes the following:

  • Tank Inspection
    A preliminary inspection of the tank and implementation of all necessary pre-cleaning measures and tool organisation.
  • Pressure Washer & Mechanical Cleaning
    Comprehensive removal of dirt using a powerful pressure washer with hand tools utilised for detail areas
  • Tank Disinfection
    Sanitisation of the internal surface of the water tank using chemicals. This eliminates all contaminants.
  • Removal of Contaminants using a Submersible Pump
    Extensive rinsing, collection and draining of dirty water with a submersible pump.
  • Review of Services Provided
    Provide a clean working environment for your staff and employees. A visual review of the services provided with before/after pictures of the clean tank shared with the customer.

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