How to Choose Long Distance Movers Relocating

Now that you have the written moving quotes in your hands, here are the steps that will show you how to choose a long distance moving and Relocation company that’s sufficiently reputable, reliable and affordable to be your trusted partner during the residential move.

The best long-distance moving companies will have an excellent reputation both in the moving and storage industry. One good way to check just how reputable cross country movers are is to read reviews about their services.

Keep in mind that while moving reviews – testimonials and overall ratings – can help you select long distance movers, you shouldn’t always trust them 100%.

All long-distance moving relocation companies – that is, interstate moving companies – must be licensed.

Finding a reputable and reliable mover is critical for any house move, so Movguru guarantees that their partners have passed a rigorous background check.

Most of the times, your initial instinct will be to choose a long-distance mover based on the price they have offered on the moving quote. That’s understandable – after all, money doesn’t grow on trees so you’ll definitely want to spend as little as possible on your long-distance move.

Nevertheless, price alone should not be the deciding factor when picking a long distance moving company. Instead, take a good look at the additional services that are offered on the moving quotes and their respective rates. Such additional moving services include but are not limited to packing, unpacking, custom crating, disassembling and reassembling of large furniture, temporary storage, shuttle services, hoisting, and so on.

Compare the moving quotes in terms of prices and pick the one that is agreeable with your moving budget. However, be suspicious if you happen to get a moving quote that is too good to be true – a lowball estimate could be a sign of moving fraud.

All above tips for choosing a long distance mover rely on facts and logic, but sometimes you may need something extra to be able to make the right choice, and that extra decision-making power is your intuition.
Whenever two or three interstate movers seem equally good to you, the moving company research did not point out an outright winner and their cost estimates are quite similar, then it may be time to trust your hunch and go with the long distance mover that you feel will be the best one for you.

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