How to choose Movers and Packers for your international move?

International movers and packers DubaiWhen you plan to move internationally, you would want to hire the best movers and packers in Dubai. But when you try to find these movers and packers in Dubai, you will have unlimited options and they all would claim to be the best movers and packers. So it is very important to know the criteria to choose the international movers and packers. Some points which can help you to decide:

Are your movers and packers well established and experienced company?

Best Movers and packers don’t become best overnight, they definitely learnt from their mistakes, fine toned their whole system and process, have got great knowledge how to handle customs and other documentation in different countries. So it is very important to choose the best movers and packers in Dubai while considering many things as your belongings has to further move to another country and the moving company should be capable to handle from all the aspects. Never go with the newly formed, non-experienced companies.

Are your movers and packers in Dubai licensed and insured?

If you ask from your movers and packers for the proof of their license or accreditation, the genuine and best movers and packers should be able to provide you the same without any excuse or hesitation. The international movers and packers should show their license number and should be able to offer you all kinds of insurance for your international move.

Do your movers and packers offer a detailed quote, estimate, or guaranteed price?

Only getting a verbal estimate will make no sense so it is very important to get the detailed quote form movers and packers in Dubai as then it would be easier to compare all and you would be able to understand how movers and packers are charging on each moving services. The best movers and packers in Dubai are always clear and transparent and will provide you the total breakdown of their quote.

Is your mover packer well-reviewed and have good track record?

You must check the reviews of your international movers and packers online and check their past record as good service will fetch good reviews and bad will definitely get bad reviews.  But do Keep in mind that every company can have a bad review or two, but they shouldn’t be too many..

Must look for any other red flags!

Be wary of any movers and packers in Dubai that requires a cash or an unusually large deposit prior to the move, particularly if they ask it to be wired online. Steer clear of movers packers in Dubai that don’t have an accessible record of business, show up in a rental truck or unmarked vehicle, or who insist on doing all planning and business over the phone. Make sure all communications, commitments, and payments can be easily tracked and rest trust your intuitions.

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How to choose Movers and Packers for your international move?

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