The Checklist For Trouble-Free Office Relocation

Relocation CompanyIn many of our lives, there comes a time, where we require relocating our professional base or our office. The reason may vary from Business Enhancement to Location Vantage, Employee Requirements to Business Extensions, etc. Irrespective of the reason of the move, it is always advisable to prepare yourself for the move. You need to prepare a checklist to experience a hassle-free and smooth relocation of your office.

4 Months before Your Office Move

Every business planning to relocate starts the preparation at least three to four months before the relocation dates. This enables the business owners to make proper arrangements without compromising of any detail. They survey, plan, pack, load, reload, etc. Below mentioned pointers are few of the things you need to achieve four months prior to the move:

–          Look out for a reliable office relocation service provider

–          Visit the new office and know what all things you need to move

–          Create an approximate timeline for the move

–          Inform your employees about the move

2 Months before Your Office Move

Before two months of your relocation date the preparation has to become more specific. Below are the things that you need to take care of before 2 months of the relocation date:

–          Hire a reputed and recognised moving company

–          Get new signs prepared for the business exterior

–          Get new stationary, letterheads, business cards, etc.

–          Let your clients know about the office relocation

–          Get new furniture of the new office

–          Organise the documents that you are carrying to the new office

1 Month before Your Office Move

Your office relocation date is approaching and you need to be sure of having everything sorted. The following list has the things that you need to take care of in this 1 months’ time:

–          Get in touch with the insurance provider for your new office insurance

–          Ask for the keys and assign space to the employees

–          Update bank information and get new cheques

–          Get all the electronic and civil works done

–          Get the packing materials ready

–          Let the hired moving company know what all items you need to relocate

1 Week before Your Office Move

–          Back up your office computers

–          Pack all the office items

–          Label the packed items

–          Donate or sell items that you do not require in the new office

–          Schedule your meetings and keep them prior to settling down in the new office

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The Checklist For Trouble-Free Office Relocation

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