Are you in a dilemma to Sell your Car or Ship it to the country you are moving?

Car Shipping CompaniesRelocation can be both a very exciting and yet stressful time in anyone’s life. Relocation overseas even more so, and can result in a lot of additional expense. One of the decisions you may deal with is whether or not you want to take your car with you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before determining if it’s worth shipping your car overseas.

How Much Value Does Your Car Have Money-Wise and Sentimentally?

When getting ready to move, evaluate the current value on the car both here in your present country and the perceived value at destination.

Selling a car in Dubai is a time consuming process especially if you want to get maximum value out of your car. The easiest way is to check with Beep UAE or SellAnyCar or Dubizzle. The process is simple, fast and straightforward.

It’s also important to ask yourself how sentimentally attached you are to your vehicle. Is this a vehicle that you have a lot of memories in? Is this vehicle a specific type of car that you can’t find anywhere else?

Looking at the worth of your car from your perspective is the first thing to do when considering taking your car along.

What is the cost of similar types of cars in the place where you are moving:

You must check the cost of a similar range of cars in the country you are moving to. If the price value is not higher and equals the effort and the price of shipping the car, then it is better to sell and buy a car in the destination country.

Check out the rate of shipping your car with Automobile shipping companies:

The rate of shipping varies and depends upon different factors like it’s a move by sea/land, door to door, port to port and service charges of the shipping company. You can even take different quotes from movguru and compare.

If you are confused with different quotes, Movguru also provides Quote Comparison Services without any fee to make your move seamless.

Bottom line: the best option depends on how much your car is worth, how far you’re moving, and how much it’ll cost you to replace your current vehicle with something else.

Please do read Laws of UAE to sell your car if you plan to sell your vehicle.

Are you in a dilemma to Sell your Car or Ship it to the country you are moving?

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