During COVID-19: If you want to move house.. Here’s how you can do it with the help of Relocation companies in Dubai

UAE’s authorities have implemented restrictions on movement in order to take precautionary steps against COVID-19. However, people can still move houses, by following a step-by-step process.

Step 1: You need to get in touch with all the parties involved

You would need to first speak with your house owners to find out if they are allowing tenants to move or not then you also need to check with the owner/ management of your new premises that you are moving into. You should also speak with your Packers and Movers in advance, before you make any payments.

Step 2: Cancellation and new connections

You would need to cancel the telecommunications and utility connections and apply for the new connections as well. You can also use online mediums to get it done before you make the move.

Step 3: Request for the move to your house owners

If you are residing in a building or a community, to confirm the move with your building management, you may need to provide certain documents to your Relocation companies in Dubai while shifting. As per the best Moving companies in Dubai:

“Some communities need a written request from the tenant, which includes the date on which you will be moving out or moving in, vehicle registration number of the moving truck, moving company’s name and trade license number. They may also ask for the company’s third party insurance papers.”

So, don’t forget to take the following documents from your Moving companies in Dubai while making your move:

  • Name of the moving company
  • Date and time of the move
  • Moving company’s trade license copy
  • Moving company’s third party insurance copy
  • Vehicle registration copy of the moving truck

You would need to provide these details to the property management company of your existing as well as new home. Once you have the clearance letter, you can then move on to the next step.

  • Step 4: Apply for a move permit

In Dubai, with 24-hour restrictions in place, you would need to apply for a move permit on www.dxbmovepermit.ae. Once you receive an approval from Dubai Police, take a screenshot of the permit and provide it to you moving company in Dubai as well. It’s very important to share the move permit with your movers and packers in Dubai as

“In certain gated communities, moving companies need to show the customer’s permit to get a gate pass to enter the premises”

Step 6: Ask your Moving company in Dubai about their hygiene measures

Relocation companies in Dubai have taken additional steps to ensure that the move is done by following the highest standards of hygiene like:

  • Wearing anti-microbial masks and hand gloves
  • Using sanitizers on site
  • Movers in Dubai are also taking temperature checks of their team every morning to ensure that the staff is healthy.

Also, to comply with the movement restrictions, Relocation companies in Dubai also start early in the day and wrapping up work before the evening.

Yes offcourse, you can anytime track your shipment online. Your relocation company assigns a specific number to your shipment which you can check anytime online. The real-time tracking information for shipments helps you in finding where your shipment has reached.

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