Myths on Automobile Relocation

1. It is difficult to prepare your car for shipping. Contrary to it, prepping your car for shipping is fairly easy with the help of Relocation companies in Dubai. Following are the things you need to do:

Moving companies in Dubai can inspect your car thoroughly for existing damage before shipping

Movers and packers in Dubai

can also assist you in removing custom products and personal items

Remove toll tags and parking passes, which is advised by Best movers in Dubai

Make sure the battery has a full charge and that the tires are properly inflated, even your finalized Moving companies in Dubai can assist you on this.

Top off all fluids in the car with the help of your Packers and Movers

Run down your gas tank to a quarter or eighth full, before Movers and Packers in Dubai takes your car to ship

2. Port -to-port shipping costs less than door-to-door car shipping.

According to

Relocation companies in Dubai

the cost of port to port shipping is not always less than door to door shipping as depends upon various other factors also. If you didn’t check carefully with Packers and Movers, you may end up paying an additional fee to the terminal for temporarily keeping your car, resulting in an increased overall shipping cost.

3. Overall car shipping cost depends only on the distance.

Although distance is one of the key factor to decide overall automobile relocation costs but as per Best movers in Dubai– vehicle size, accessibility of final destination, shipping method, and flexibility in dates are other important factors that calculates how much you need to pay to the relocation companies in Dubai.

4. Good car movers are hard to find in UAE / Qatar

There are many international moving companies in Dubai/ Qatar out there, but very few have the experience, proper licenses and certifications to handle something as personal and valuable as moving your car. Movguru – Move Advisor is there to help you to find Best movers in Dubai/ Qatar. We can take the stress out of finding the right Moving companies in Dubai / Qatar. We have a professional and trained team of empanelled Movers and Packers in Dubai/ Qatar that pay keen attention to every detail and ensure that your prized possessions are safely relocated.

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