Challenges of Shipping your belongings during this pandemic

While shipping is a standard process for many of us, but things become a little more challenging when you are trying to find relocation companies in Dubai during this pandemic. So what is the best way to move your possessions at this time to get the best movers in Dubai? How do you get a shipping quote from relocation companies in Dubai in this era of social distancing? Will there be any restrictions on items being shipped by moving companies in Dubai? Does Covid-19 make shipping more expensive and will it take longer for your items to reach their destination?

Movguru would like to ease your moving by connecting you with Best relocation companies in Dubai, who will take care of all your concerns related to moving during this pandemic. We would like to share few tips, to help you reduce the risks and stress if you’re moving during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, while searching relocation companies in Dubai:

  1. Place your highest priority on the health and safety of you and your family-While moving is important but it’s more important to keep you and your family healthy and safe;
  • If you are in a high-risk group (over 60 or have pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular conditions or compromised immunity), then postpone your move if at all possible until after the health authorities announce the pandemic is over, even packers and movers advice the same.
  • If you or someone in your household may have contracted coronavirus, or are self-isolating after being exposed, call moving companies in Dubai and explain the situation. In many cases, movers will work with you.
  1. Look for no-contact moving services-Most of the international moving companies in Dubai provide no-contact moving services.
  2. Consider storage as a backup plan if things change-Majorly, relocation companies in Dubai provides storage services also. You can always consider storage options as a backup if things are not working in a desired manner.
  3. Check policies for schedule changes, cancellations, and refunds policies of your selected moving companies in Dubai.
  4. Use extra sanitation precautions during your move-Whatever type of moving service you choose with movers and packers in Dubai, avoid using recycled boxes from other sources.

Movguru can be your one stop solution for all you moving needs in Dubai. We at Movguru connect you with best movers in Dubai, who are certified and professional and can you make you move seamless.

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