Should UAE expats ship their vehicle to their country while they relocate?

International movers DubaiFor UAE residents while relocating to their home countries/other countries, a big decision can be whether to take their car with them or sell before they go. As per the best Relocation companies in Dubai, the decision to ship or sell your car before you go majorly depends on how much it costs as well as whether it passes all the regulations in your destination country. We have come up with important points suggested by top Relocation companies in Dubai / UAE regarding shipping of your automobile: ,

  1. Cost: One of the biggest factors to be considered by International movers in Dubai in calculating cost of shipping of the automobile is the import taxes and duties that could be applied by the destination country and can really increase the cost of shipping. As per International movers in Dubai, countries like India, Philippines and Pakistan impose heavy duties on cars. Whereas, countries like US and Kuwait have low duty charges. Depending upon the country, you may need to pay deregistration fees also for your car, while shipping your car. So, it’s better to take advice from a professional Moving company in Dubai to get full and correct information.
  2. Regulations: Sometimes importing to a particular country depends upon regulations regarding type of cars also like – left-hand cars cannot be exported to India. As suggested by international movers in Dubai, shipping a car with GCC specifications to any country within the GCC should not cause any issues, but shipping to European countries can be complicated. The vehicle should meet Euro specifications like Europe now uses 5 engine specs. There may also be problems with safety systems like number of airbags in the vehicle so keep your information up to date with the help of best Relocation companies in Dubai, if you are looking to ship your vehicle.

According to one of the renowned cargo service provider “UAE residents can export their vehicle with a Carnet De Passage, which means that you are taking your vehicle along on a temporary basis and will return it to the UAE within 12 months. There are more than 75 countries around the world where you can leverage a Carnet De Passage to avoid paying VAT and duties. You can request a Carnet De Passage from the Automobile and Touring Club in Dubai with the help of International movers in Dubai.”

Should UAE expats ship their vehicle to their country while they relocate?

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