How to negotiate with moving Relocation experts

When it comes to getting a deal, Relocation moving house is just like any bartering occasion. Though, you will need to know exactly what you’re doing in order to get the perfect price for the right moving and storage services. So, before you start your process of calling for moving quotes, we want to teach you a few tricks. These are some things which with help you learn how to negotiate with moving experts. In our opinion as moving advisors, it’s essential that you know what you need. So, we will do our best to get to the point where our network of partners doesn’t need any of these methods, like always. Though, here are our tips for moving quote bartering…

If you want to barter about the moving quote, you should know when to do so…

As both local and international moves, we like to tell you to get a few quotes from various relocation professionals.  Why? Well, for starters, it gives you a chance to hear about the industry and services from a few experts. Also, you will be able to get a number of reliable quotes for your relocation. Though, most importantly, it will show you that our moving services in Qatar are the most affordable and of high-quality. This is also where you start to negotiate with moving experts…

To stand on equal ground with relocation professionals you will need to know what you need from them

Make a list of everything you will need from your relocation company before you  start to negotiate with moving experts.

Every moving company in Qatar has their own way of calculating a relocation estimate. Some are more affordable and some are less. Generally, the volume of your belongings, the distance they need to cross and access to your home will influence the price. Of course, some other things, too. But, we will get to those a bit later. Now, we want to tell you about the most common moving packages. This knowledge will help you negotiate with moving experts like a professional.

In general, expats opt for:

  • I need you to only move my house. This means that the workers will load the moving truck, drive it to its destination and unload there. If you have any fragile items be sure to point out those boxes and clearly mark them. The downside of this moving plan is that you will be doing all the packing yourself. So, here’s our tip – get quality relocation supplies. We suggest either purchasing them with your movers or a reliable source.
  • I want you to pack the most difficult belongings in my home. If you’ve got a piano, pool table or a heavy wardrobe, this is the option you want. When you negotiate with moving experts, partial packing and unpacking services will be a secret weapon.  Most people believe that you can either book this service as a whole or not at all. However, there is the option of only getting your most troublesome items prepared by our network of movers.
  • I don’t want to experience the hassle of the move, please do everything for me. This is the most expensive moving package, but also the most convenient one. The only thing you will need to do  is decide what you want in your new home. The movers will do all the rest.

Keep in mind all the things that influence your end quote when you negotiate with moving experts

Packing and unpacking services can save you quite a bit of time.

We promised that we would tell you more about what influences a moving quote. And, here is that information. If you want to negotiate with moving experts on equal ground, it’s essential that you know how. Learning about the parameters which influence a relocation estimate is an essential part of that. Then, you will have the perfect secret weapon to keep in mind as you’re bartering for the best  price.

When you want to negotiate with moving experts know that:  

  • Distance will affect the quote.  Interstate moves will definitely be more expensive than local ones. Even with good movers, you won’t be able to negotiate a low price.
  • The belongings which you’re relocating are another criterion that influences relocation estimates. The representative of the moving Relocation company will definitely ask you what you’re planning to relocate and how delicate it is.
  • Moving package choice also important to the end price of your relocation. If you’re hiring your movers for packing and unpacking services it will be more expensive than just employing them for transport.
  • Fragile items or fine arts which you’re relocating can be a factor, too. When it comes to artwork, mirrors or any kind of breakables you will want them to be safe. Hence, pointing them out to your movers’ representative can get you a reliable estimate on special relocation services.
  • Difficult access to your home will influence the quote. When you negotiate with moving experts expect them to take a look at the entrance to your home. If you have any elevators, stairs or narrow hallways, they will bring the price up.
  • Time and date of your move are another factor. It’s more expensive to relocate on holidays, during summer and spring and the weekends. So, keep that in mind when scheduling your relocation.

Finally, it’s time to remember a few negotiating techniques which will work with every Qatar moving company

When does the bartering start?  Usually, it begins during an on-site estimate and ends when you have a binding quote on paper at the end of the day. So, when you schedule an in-house quote be sure to have all your ducks in a row. You should know which services you want, which items you’re relocating and how and when the moving day will occur. When the representative comes to your home, you will be able to negotiate with moving experts in person. Tell them about the other estimates you’ve received and ask them to match or lower the price. In the end, don’t forget, quality is more important than affordability!

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