Uncommon, sceptical and added costs

After deciding on a professional moving company you want to hire for your moving travelogue, that is when the real face of moving reality comes to play. The calculated expenditure vs the additional expenditure may come across as a shocker because other than the said cost, additional moving costs may make you reconsider on the whole moving journey all together.

Home moving process leads to a huge hole in your pocket. This is why we are giving all that we can so that you are against all odds when faced with a financial war with your relocation; be it on a domestic or an international level.

To help you be aware of all the additional costs that might crop up last minute, we have summed up a complete list of unexpected moving expenses under the keywords – uncommon, sceptical, and added costs – when moving out so that you don’t go through a whirlwind of unexpected possibilities while rooting for an affordable house move. A residential move can be called a success only if there is a sync between the moving satisfaction and the expenditure or moving cost carried.

Mentioned below are the unexpected costs that might crop up when opting for the services of professional movers. Get yourself acquainted with these possibilities and be ready with what may come.

Unexpected costs that may impact your estimated budget

The maximum expenditure inherently lies in the cost of hiring professional movers. This is the major determinant. Keeping that in mind, let’s focus on the following cost estimates accordingly. This, you can do by getting several cost estimates after proper research at home from at least 3 full-service professional movers.

Till the time you receive the final relocation bill, you are unaware of the overall cost. Here, definitely the raw fact is that the cost will go up and not the other way around. So, the expectations should be in these lines solemnly. What are those undisclosed costs of moving a house that pose as a mystery when relying on a moving company?

  1. Packing and false claims

Packing service is an additional amongst the other variety of sub services offered by moving companies. This facility is completely your call on whether you want to refer to moving professions to pack your items or prefer to set the record straight by packing all your household goods completely on your own.

However, if you decide to approach the professionals, you should ensure that you conduct a proper review of the cost estimate involved in the process and have a prior understanding of the details of the moving company in question.

In order to multiply the profit line of the movers, they will be in an attempt to lure their clients with innumerable packing costs. With their word of professional assurance, an unaware customer will fall for these falsified statements. After all, unexpected costs of moving out can come from anywhere, so you should keep your eyes and ears open at all times and be extra vigilant about the packing expenses. Being prepared about the same would bring balance in moving expenditure.

  1. Insured, rest assured – Bill of Lading, automatically gets you basic coverage under Basic Limited Liability Protection. Basic type of insurance comes free of charge. Therefore, there is the Full Value Protection option for the ones who want complete assurance of all their commodities and valuables. This stands as an advantageous option as it entitles the moving company to reimburse the replacement value for damaged or lost items, if any.
  2. Cost for assembling and re-assembling of furniture – There is every possibility that these furniture movers will surprise you with additional charges for large-piece-furniture assemblage at your current destination and also for later reassembling of those pieces at the future destination.

Large structured furniture like beds, wardrobes, dressers and sofas should be taken apart so as to ensure proper packaging and easy transportation.

  1. Hefty items means additional cost – Hefty items usually are charged more in fee. If any of your items appear on the heavier side, you can expect additional moving charges. This should be kept in notice. Goods like pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, heavy metal safes or other such items would lead to unexpected moving costs as they take up a prominent space in the moving truck.

For example, a piano as a musical instrument needs extra moving vigilance and it is to be lifted by crane. The moving cost will depend on the piano’s weight and dimensions and also on the access to your house or apartment.

  1. Elevator fees – When we talk about elevator, it does not at all spell ‘extra fee.’ Here lies the irony. If you live in a high-rise building, you may get stunned by another one of the unexpected costs of moving that comes in the form of ‘elevator fees.’ In order to avoid this, make sure you speak with the building management. You can reserve an elevator exclusively for the moving day. Sometimes, in the absence of operational elevator movers will be forced to carry household goods up and down the stairs.
  2. Long carry fees – It is hard to rely on free parking spots in big cities. Therefore, long carry fee defines the result of the impossibility of the moving crew to park the vehicle close to your home entrance. There is a way to reserve a parking spot for the moving truck. You can try to get a parking permit for your movers for the specific day and time of the move. If that is not possible, speak directly to your movers to find out their long carry fee terms and conditions.
  3. Extra charges on cancellation – When there comes a situation where your relocation plans take a different turn and you may have to wholly cancel your moving plans, there is an extra cancellation fee applicable during these times. This policy varies from company to company. You should understand the terms well before cancelling so as to avoid additional moving expense.
  • For more than a week’s notice, you won’t normally be charged a cancellation fee.
  • If you notify your mover one week in advance, you may be charged some amount as part of their cancellation policy.
  • For a cancelled move with a less-than-five-days duration, you may be charged with an average cost or the full moving deposit.
  1. Storage fee (delayed delivery fee) – The commonest reason for being charged a storage fee is when you request a delayed delivery of your items – for instance, when your new home is not yet ready for the shipment due to renovation, repair works, paperwork problems and so on.The storage fee should be calculated in the cost estimate after you’ve informed the moving company about the precise delivery date. One fact that should be strictly considered is that the longer you have your possessions in storage, the higher the extra moving expenses.
  2. Quick delivery service – When aspiring for your household items to be delivered to your new destination at the quickest, you should be ready to pay extra for that privilege.The express delivery charge is usually associated with long distance moving. In an attempt to cut costs, cross-country movers tend to combine several shipments if there is enough storage room in the moving truck.
  3. Travel fee – A travel fee is the charge for the time your movers will require to reach your home from their main office. Usually, that extra cost is calculated as 1 additional hour of labor, but it can also cost more.

Therefore, familiar rise yourself with your movers in prior if and how they plan to charge you a travel fee, so that you are thoroughly prepared in advance for all possible unexpected costs of moving.

  1. Hoisting fee – Hoisting fee is another unforeseen extra chargeable fee. This is when you own a really big furniture piece, a large household appliance or a specialized item that hasa built so big to fit through the doorways, hallways, or staircases of your home, these movers will then offer you individual hoisting services.

The hoisting fee can be rather costly depending on your specific set of circumstances. The reason for the high cost is the use of specialized equipment and well-trained personnel, who will ensure to take that bulky and heavy item through a window or a balcony to save time and also to avoid property damage.

  1. Environmental charge (disposal fee) – There are moving companies that try to mint money by charging unwanted fee from customers. Another form of such a case is by adding extra fee in the name of environmental fee (also known as disposal fee). The environmental charge is one of the most unexpected costs of moving, and it can also be considered as something you can manage on your own whenever it seems feasible. You can make this process easier by unpacking on your own and avoid the extra baggage of cost.

Your mover may claim many false facts stating that your disposal fee will cover the expenses regarding the safe disposal of the used packaging materials – moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. – after the move is over.

Stay in complete control of your moving budget, by reading between the lines and churning the difference on authentic and falsified extra moving claims.

  1. Tipping for the service – As every other hospitality service expects a certain extra for the personal effort they put with their service, moving services equally have these professionals who expect in cash for their effort.

Tipping is the last step that is possibly present. You may not necessarily think about setting aside tipping money for your hired workers, however, it is an expense you should consider in case you’re happy with the work they’ve done.

Hidden moving costs when moving on your own

When you take the plunge and decide to move on your own– that is, move out without hiring professional movers and packers, there are still a few prerequisites to be met – moving locally, having previous house moving experience, relying on trustworthy friends. Cost cutting is achievable by opting to move on your own as organizing a self-move can be a good option to try to cut your moving costs.

However, you must know that there is a fairly long list of costs when moving out on your own that you should definitely factor in when deciding whether to hire movers or move by yourself. HIDDEN MOVING COSTS, that is.

People should be thoroughly aware of these moving costs, which is mostly commonly ignored when moving on their own:

  • Truck rental fees;
  • Truck rental insurance;
  • Packing supplies;
  • Moving equipment;
  • Possible property damage;
  • Potential personal injuries;
  • Car servicing;
  • Road taxes and tolls;
  • Food and lodging on the road;
  • Lost time.

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